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Guitar NEREO 500g

Guitar NEREO 500g


The seven sense


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We wanted to create a delicious paste and at the same time nutritious and high in fiber. For this reason we use only hard wheat grown in ABRUZZO, in a responsible and sustainable way from which we produce the semola in our CRAFT mill. After this stage the semola is not refined and is sifted excluding only bran, preserving the wheat germ. The various pasta formats are then made with artisanal techniques by the Masciarelli Pastificio di Pratola Peligna (Aq), maintaining the entire production chain in Abruzzo.

We think that our pasta is for everyone and we would like to be able to offer it, but this type of production, to be authentic and sustainable actually has a limit that we gladly accepted: Abruzzo wheat is not INFINITE, just as is not our production capacity. Genuineness for us comes before profit and we will not use imported grains when ours ends. Let's hope you're still in time to try it!

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