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Antiqua Spaghetti

Antiqua is the project of Antico Molino Borrelli aimed at offering the coshuman, attentive to what he eats, a unique product of its kind. Here is what we do for you: we grow in territories still untouched, without the use of chemicals a grain of yesteryear Senator Hats; we grind it in our mill with stone grinders, natural, without altering its characteristics and peculiarities; we entrust our semola so produced with expert hands that through slow cold processing, bronze drawing and very slow drying, produce a pasta of excellence. This is how Antiqua was born, naturally tasty, rough, rich in fiber and 100% natural. Senator Hats is an autumn "ancient" hard wheat.


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Senator Cappelli was called an "elected race" and in fact, compared to other grains, contains higher percentages of lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals (such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc, B vitamins and E) as well as characteristics of high digestibility. It does not develop allergies and intolerances as it is an original variety that has not undergone genetic mutations.


The Hats is particularly suitable for the production of superior pasta (the pasta holds the cooking being a very hard wheat). The exceptional quality of the grain allows to obtain flours and semolyes ideal for typical products such as bread, sweets and all the products of the bakery.

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