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Semola Integrale Senatore Cappelli macinata a pietra

In the two types of WholeMe and Semola, Senator Hats is a hard wheat with excellent qualities.


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From the stone grinding of its amber seeds you get a semothe with irregular consistency, glassy but velvety that makes it suitable for the production of pasta and breadcrumbs.

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Brand: Terra Nobile

Farina di Farro Per Polenta PULS

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The flour of Sperus "PULS" is a particular flour for polenta obtained from spew, cereal grown and ground in coarse grain. The term comes from the Latin "puls", in fact the Romans with speary flour prepared the puls, a soft polenta that the soldiers and plebs arid. To cook it, you proceed as for the corn polenta.  

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Brand: Feuduccio

FEUDUCCIO Passerina selection

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FEUDUCCIO Passerina selection Abruzzese wines The Passerina grape has been present from ages in the Abruzzo territory; it is a grape of medium productivity, really versatile, which can be either early harvested or even slightly dried for late harvests; it finds its ideal habitat in the cool, elevated hillsides where the Feuduccio vineyards lie. From...

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Brand: Terrafonte

Peperone Dolce di Altino-Intero

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Altino INTERO sweet pepper is a typical product of traditional Abruzzo cuisine. Altino is a small town in the province of Chieti, collected on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Aventino Valley. The peppers characteristic of the area are small,, of a deep red, called in the local dialect hoods (head up), precisely because the vegetable is curved upwards.

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Brand: Microbirrificio ALMA Agricolo

5 Hop Beer

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Unfiltered beer, unpasteurized and refermented in the bottle, citrusy, herbaceous and vaguely resinous in the mouth, striking for the aromas that reveal the massive and persistent hopping the unique bouquet comes from five different types of hops in dry hopping, easy to drink and long persistence. Beer produced with hops, malt and wheat of own production.

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Brand: La collina sul mare

Honey Sulla

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Honey Sulla On honey is a rapidly crystallizing honey. When it is still in liquid state, it has a color ranging from transparent to straw yellow, then tacks to white-beige when crystallized. The seven sense

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