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The Canapaie

We deal with the cultivation, transformation and sale of Hemp products.

We produce beer, pasta, oil, flour and shelled seeds.

The Passion for Hemp stems from the desire to rediscover Traditions and Values ​​of the Territory, from Care for the Earth and from the intention to return to a Lifestyle more in contact with Nature.

Like our grandparents, we consider it a true treasure of nature since from it we obtain practically everything necessary to live: ropes, clothes, food, fuel, paper, cosmetics and medicines.

We grow in the countryside of Nocera Umbra (Pg) combining Tradition and Innovation, using only organic fertilizer and manually selecting the flowers.

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Brand: Le Canapaie

Farina di Canapa 100% PURA 250g

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Advice for use Suitable for both sweet and savory doughs, to be used in combination with other natural flours in a percentage from 6% to 12%. Excellent for bread, pasta, track, wraps, focaccia, cake al testo, pies, biscuits and tozzetti. Sizes of 250g.

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Brand: Le Canapaie

Olio di Canapa 100% PURO

100% PURE Hemp Oil Hemp oil is obtained from the cold pressing of hemp seed and can be considered a real natural supplement useful for the well-being of the body as well as a very tasty condiment. Rich in omega 3 and omega 6, polyunsaturated fatty acids very important and useful for the well-being of our body given their great antioxidant power. Hemp...

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