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Lune e sesterzi, Frantoio D'Alessandro

The farm has owned land since 1750.

Extra virgin olive oil obtained by pressing with the traditional cold method.

Tomatoes are grown with the ancient method and ripe fruits harvested on the plant. The tomatoes are washed, cut in half and cleaned from the seeds and then placed in a pot over high heat.

The farm grows organically, soon it will also be on the label with CCPB certification.

The olives, washed and defoliated, pass to the grinding phase by means of granite millstones.

The paste obtained in this first phase passes to the kneading at about 18 ° C.

It is then cold pressed using hydraulic presses.

The oil is decanted in stainless steel tanks and then filtered with cotton wool.

When they start to boil, the heat is turned off and you wait for the cooking liquid to come to the surface. By removing the water, the tomatoes are passed in a sauce machine (electric or, today less commonly, manual) from which the sauce will come out. In the meantime, the bottles or glass jars (left open) are boiled into which the sauce will then be poured. When both are at the same temperature, the sauce is poured into the bottles which are then hermetically sealed with the caps.

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