Preserve chopped tomato

Preserve chopped tomato

Tomatoes are grown with ancient method and ripe harvested fruits on the plant.

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Tomatoes are washed, cut into small pieces and cleaned from the seed and then put in a pot over a high heat. When they start to boil, the fire is extinguished and the cooking liquid is expected to come to the surface. In the meantime, boil the bottles or glass jars (left open) in which you will pour the tomatoes into pieces. When both have the same temperature you pour the product into the bottles which will then be sealed tightly with the caps.


Sensory properties:


Tomatoes are a source of valuable nutrients, especially potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. The red color of tomatoes is due to an antioxidant, lycopene, whose action is aided by two other antioxidants: lutein and zeaxantin.


Tips for use:


Tomato sauce is a genuine basis for all recipes.


Great for seasoning a good pasta dish.


Ideal for lasagna, meatballs, sauce, parmesan and many other meals.

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