100% Italian durum wheat semolina pasta
100% Italian durum wheat semolina pasta

100% Italian durum wheat semolina pasta

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Not everyone must know the meaning of the nomenclature "100% Italian durum wheat semolina pasta"

To be named as such, durum wheat semolina pasta must be the result of drawing, rolling and drying a dough prepared exclusively with durum wheat semolina and water, without the addition of coloring and preservatives. The particular properties of durum wheat ensure that the starch does not disperse and therefore the pasta does not overcook, ensuring that it is firmly cooked and a dish with a unique and authentic taste.

Durum wheat semolina flour is a product that we often use to make homemade pasta and bread. Let's find out more about all its properties, how to use it best and choose one of higher quality.

Durum wheat semolina stands out immediately compared to flours obtained from soft wheat thanks to its characteristic yellowish color and grainy texture compared to that of white flour.

Compared to flours obtained from soft wheat, durum wheat flour is richer in proteins and if chosen in the wholemeal variant it is a complete food that keeps intact all the characteristics of the grain from which it is obtained. It is therefore rich in fiber, vitamins, mineral salts and, among other things, has a lower glycemic index thanks to the presence of complex carbohydrates inside.

This type of carbohydrate ensures the body a gradual release of energy over time, this concretely allows to avoid glycemic peaks and subsequent sudden drops.

The typical yellow color of durum wheat signals the presence of carotenoids (lutein and beta-carotene) antioxidant substances that are particularly beneficial in counteracting cellular aging. The products made with durum wheat semolina flour, therefore, have interesting antioxidant qualities.

       Contains gluten

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