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Not everyone must be aware of the meaning of the "Chocolate and Dessert" nomenclature

If it is true that the best foods are also the most dangerous for health, chocolate seems to be the classic exception that confirms the rule, at least in part.

Dark chocolate, thanks to its cocoa content, represents one of the most generous food sources of flavonoids, renowned antioxidants found in foods of plant origin or derivation, such as tea, red wine, citrus fruits and berries.


On the other hand, those who want to fully benefit from the precious antioxidant load of chocolate must get used to the bitter implications of dark chocolate, giving up the creamy taste of white chocolate and the velvety one of milk bars; these two variants, due to the use of other ingredients, contain a much lower percentage of flavonoids.

Keep in mind that chocolate, in addition to flavonoids that reduce blood pressure, also contains stimulants such as caffeine, which tend to increase it especially in predisposed subjects.

So forget the worry of running from one shop to another, but get used to saving time for the really important things and, living a sensory experience.

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