Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In this section you will find ideal products to accompany everyday dinners or important events with style and elegance.

Not everyone must be aware of the meaning of the nomenclature "Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

Extra virgin olive oil is the king of the table in terms of condiments, especially thanks to its beneficial properties.

In fact, it is not only fragrant and with a detailed taste but also digestible and endowed with exceptional nutritional properties.

In addition to its traditional use in cooking, it can be enriched with spices and herbs. Thus was born the flavored extra virgin olive oil.

But how is it used in the kitchen? Let's find out together.

The most famous of the flavored is the chili pepper, used raw in all types of dishes and which develops its aroma in all its nuances.

The use of flavored oil is very ancient and already in ancient Rome recipes were recommended for flavoring the common oil so that it could resemble the rare and precious oil of Liburnia (Dalmatia).

Aromatic oils are used in cooking especially in savory dishes, both as a condiment and as a base for the preparation of sauces, fillings and doughs.

More and more people are starting to prefer it to traditional oil because it allows you to free your creativity in the kitchen.

In fact, versatility is precisely the main feature of flavored extra virgin olive oil.

So forget the worry of running from one shop to another, but get used to saving time for the really important things and, living a sensory experience.

Then scroll through the list of our products without delay!!!

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Brand: Villa Alta Mezzanello

Olio Extravergine di Oliva e Rosmarino

Since we have never used external structures or processing companies, the oil from seed to delivery is managed exclusively by us, we are also completely guarantors of the product we produce. Our guarantee is due to the fact that everything that is marketed is produced exclusively using our olive groves.

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