Extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

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Not everyone must know the meaning of the nomenclature "Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)"

For Extra-virgin Olive Oil (EVO) we mean an oil obtained from the first pressing of the drupes, or fruits (olives).

The extraction processes of extra virgin olive oil are mechanical, and the use of chemical means or processes is totally excluded;

Extra virgin olive oil various stages of processing must not affect the quality of the oil which, when finished, must be intact and well preserved.

What realistically reflects the suitability of oil processing processes (olive harvesting, conservation of the same, extraction and processing times) is the acidity parameter;

On balance, the pH of extra virgin olive oil represents, together with some organoleptic and gustatory properties, the fundamental parameter in the qualitative evaluation of the product.

NB. The pH of extra virgin olive oil is expressed in free fatty acids of oleic acid (C 18: 1); from the food law point of view, an EVO oil must not exceed 0.8% of free C 18: 1.

Extra virgin olive oil also has properties and applications that are very different from the culinary ones; it, as we have already mentioned, has both a saponifiable portion and a NON saponifiable portion of liquid constitution and yellow color (also called Olea European Oil Unsaponifiables). The latter is made up of 80% squalene and 20% hydrocarbons, triterpene and aliphatic alcohols, sterols, tocopherols and carotenoids.

Some studies have shown a positive effect on skin sebum thanks to its emollient and sebum-restorative characteristics; furthermore, it seems that the NON-saponifiable portion also boasts an important positive action on skin trophism thanks to the stimulation of reparative processes on the dermis and epidermis.

Among the other properties of extra virgin olive oil, we remember the mildly laxative and the pain relieving one conferred by the presence of canthal oil.

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