Food flour is the product of grinding dried fruits or seeds of various plants: you have corn flour, barley, spelt, rice, oats, rye, chestnuts, chickpeas, almonds, buckwheat. Commonly, however, we indicate with the name of flour, without specifying its origin, that obtained from soft wheat and used for baking, in pastry and in the kitchen. Hard wheat flour, used for baking and producing food pasta, is called "semola"

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Brand: Terra Nobile

Farina di Farro Per Polenta PULS

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The flour of Sperus "PULS" is a particular flour for polenta obtained from spew, cereal grown and ground in coarse grain. The term comes from the Latin "puls", in fact the Romans with speary flour prepared the puls, a soft polenta that the soldiers and plebs arid. To cook it, you proceed as for the corn polenta.  

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