Black truffle
Black truffle

Black truffle

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Not everyone must know the meaning of the "Black Truffle" nomenclature

Tuber melanosporum is an ascomycete commonly known as the "black truffle".

Fruiting body: More or less rounded, sometimes even irregular and lobed, of variable size.

Peridium: With pyramidal warts with depressed apex, 3–5 mm large, adhering strongly to the gleba, black in color, sometimes with ferruginous shades, in immature specimens it tends to red-wine.

Gleba: Black-brown tending to purple or reddish, with dense and thin whitish veins, with well-defined contours and accompanied by two brown bands, translucent on the sides.

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Brand: I Sette Sensi

Sale Rosa dell'Himalaya con "Tartufo Nero" 100g

Sale Rosa dell'Himalaya con Tartufo Nero Ingredients: pink Himalayan salt, black truffle Tuber aestivum Dehydrated Vittadini 3% - equal to 12% fresh truffle, anhydrous butter, aroma Weight: 100g grinder Himalayan salt is pure, very ancient and free of toxins and pollutants, moreover it is rich in mineral salts.

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