Gourmet Jams
Gourmet Jams

Gourmet Jams

In this section you will find ideal products to accompany everyday dinners or important events with style and elegance.

Not everyone must know the meaning of the "Gourmet Jams" nomenclature

Gourmet is a French term for gourmet, very popular in recent years to describe a certain type of cuisine but also to eat. A cuisine with ways and for refined palates that uses top quality gastronomic products, of excellence, more or less expensive, often with a controlled and protected denomination. A kitchen that also pays great attention to the aesthetic presentation of the dishes.

So forget the worry of running from one shop to another, but get used to saving time for the really important things and, living a sensory experience.

Then scroll through the list of our products without delay!!!

The Seven Senses

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Brand: Terrafonte

Confettura Extra D'uva

Grapes from the hills of the Val di Sangro, following the rhythm of seasonality, as our ancestors used. The grapes harvested in the period of maximum ripening are processed by hand with traditional systems, detaching the beans from the bunches removing the seeds from the beans themselves, then passed in the pot following recipes of our girls to obtain a...

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Brand: Siciliatentazione

Pesto di Pistacchio "Siciliano" 180g

Pistachio pesto is a preparation with a fresh and aromatic taste that enhances the unique and unmistakable flavor of these fruits. The secret to getting an exquisite pesto is definitely to use first-class pistachios.Making it is simple: it prepares a shred of freshly seared pistachios and flavors with basil, grain and lemon zest.Pistachio pesto is the...

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