Tomato puree
Tomato puree

Tomato puree

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Not everyone must know the meaning of the "Tomato puree" nomenclature

The wording "tomato sauce" does not necessarily indicate a preserved food and, if self-produced, it can also be used fresh.

Commercial tomato puree can be stored for a long time, thanks to the heat treatment to which it is previously subjected. Once the raw puree has been obtained, it can be thickened by evaporating the water at a temperature of 65 ° C. Later, it is packaged and pasteurized (in glass or metal containers).

This system is "intermediate" between the "cooked" and "raw" home production techniques.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, tomato sauce is known by its Italian name. On the contrary, it differs from the “tomato purée” which is obtained by greater cooking and very fine filtration, in order to obtain a more dense product.

Other forms of preserved tomato are: peeled, pulp, pieces and concentrate (tomato paste).

Usually, "tomato sauce" means a thicker, cooked and / or flavored recipe, therefore more elaborate (see below).

The pulp of the tomatoes has a medium soft consistency; the flavor is characteristic and the taste quite sweet.

Tomato puree can be used to make first courses, main courses, soups, stews, sauces and any other recipe where the tomato flavor is relevant.

Tomatoes contain a high percentage of water, which corresponds to about 90% or slightly less in the puree (depending on the product). It has a moderate energy intake and provides significant quantities of certain salts and vitamins.

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Brand: Terrafonte

Passata di Pomodoro

Terrafonte tomatoes are grown with ancient method and ripe harvested fruits on the plant. Tomatoes are washed, cut in half and cleaned from the seed and then put in a pot over a high heat. 

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