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"0" type wheat flour from Abruzzo

"0" type wheat flour from Abruzzo 

Our story begins in the Abruzzese countryside, in the hill wheat fields that have the Apennines behind them and a gaze towards the sea.

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The flour type "0" of soft wheat is born and grows in these lands where our family has always worked, from growers to millers, following the whole wheat supply chain with the dream of starting from a seed planted in the earth to bring to the table a healthy and genuine food. We have grown with respect for our land, our work and our customers. To do this we follow a few simple rules that require commitment and dedication: we use only Abruzzo raw materials, cultivated with respect for nature and of excellent quality and we work them with care, trying to preserve all the nutrients they contain. Only in this way can we produce flours that are not only good, but also local and sustainable.

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Farina di Farro Per Polenta PULS

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The flour of Sperus "PULS" is a particular flour for polenta obtained from spew, cereal grown and ground in coarse grain. The term comes from the Latin "puls", in fact the Romans with speary flour prepared the puls, a soft polenta that the soldiers and plebs arid. To cook it, you proceed as for the corn polenta.  

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