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Farina di Farro Per Polenta PULS

The flour of Sperus "PULS" is a particular flour for polenta obtained from spew, cereal grown and ground in coarse grain. The term comes from the Latin "puls", in fact the Romans with speary flour prepared the puls, a soft polenta that the soldiers and plebs arid. To cook it, you proceed as for the corn polenta.  


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The flour, ground to stone, is darker in colour than wheat flour and has a more assertal flavor. It turns out to be low in calories and rich in protein, B vitamins and is important as it also contains methninin, an essential amino acid. Farro flour is particularly suitable for those with digestion problems. It can replace products made from hard wheat.

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Farina di Mais

Farina di mais Macinata a pietra Suitable for a rustic, tasty and fragrant polenta. Corn flour rich in fiber, obtained from the stone grinding of glass corn with a red-orange color, so as to preserve more its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

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