Sunflower honey

Sunflower Honey

This honey comes from sunflower flower pollen and is produced solely by Italian bees.

It has a very intense golden yellow color and the scent is very similar to that of beeswax.

The taste is very particular, similar to that of barley candies. It is not very aromatic and its rather neutral flavor allows it to be used as a sweetener without altering the flavors.

It is recommended against cholesterol and helps to fix calcium in the bones. It is also a valuable ally to lower fever.

Sunflower honey has a crystallized appearance, with a rather solid and grainy texture on the palate.

The Seven Senses.


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The color is intense yellow, just like the flower it comes from, the light and delicate smell is reminiscent of straw, wax, freshly cut hay. The flavor is delicate, slightly herbaceous and leaves a "refreshing" sensation.

Reminiscent of dark sugar, with an aftertaste of star anise. Its healing properties are still little known and used.

Sunflower honey is a real febrifuge and anti-neuralgia, natural adjuvant in therapies against flu, sore throat, migraine and colds.

This golden yellow honey has the power to calcify the body, thus strengthening bones and teeth from the inside.

Organoleptic properties:

Honey from sunflower blooms with a more or less intense bright yellow color with a light perfume with a fresh and delicate flavor.

Antineuralgic action, febrifuge, natural adjuvant.

Tips for use:

Sunflower honey is excellent on aged and fresh cheeses.


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